The Weal and Woe’s Upcoming Recording

Mark, Russell, Barbara Ann & Jason.
Photo by Lois Bielefeld with Annie Carrell
A recent tweet from Gangstagrass’s Rench reported, “Friends and compatriots. I love The Weal And Woe. I am recording and producing their CD in my studio. Go to their…

So checked it out. Rench Audio is recording The Weal and Woe’s new project. A New York City based country/hillbilly band, The Weal and Woe features close-harmony singing, fiddle, lap steel, and banjo. Its members are Barbara Ann, Russell Scholl, Jason Cade, and Mark Deffenbaugh. They’re transitioning from playing only traditional and cover material to writing original material.

Their upcoming EP will be released on both real vinyl and CD. The links above connect to the brilliant Kickstarter site, where the project is raising funding. When you become a backer, the band says, “you will receive not only our undying gratitude, but also a copy of the record when it’s pressed/lasered/uploaded, and maybe even a home-baked cake!”