Bluegrass & Old-Time Music in the New York Times: Reflections on the Last Five Years

timesTFor those of you who have read all or some of the articles I have compiled, I hope that you have had the chance to reflect on the coverage bluegrass and old-time music has received in the NY Times over the last five years. If you wish to respond to an article in the future, be sure to write a Letter to the Editor within seven days of publication.

I have been impressed and moved. I find much of the writing, and all of the photography, audio and slide shows to be thoughtful inspirations based in the music. I had no idea that old-time and bluegrass music occupies as much space as it does or that artist profiles are so concentrated on banjo players! Please let me know if there is an article (or articles) that I missed. I would love to see the NY Times continue this level of coverage going forward.