Roots & Blues Fans Stranded by Service Outage!

webmaster at wits' end Yikes! If you hadn't noticed, Jim's Roots and Blues had a major meltdown this week. And so did Jim—I just spent the last 3 days with an array of nice—but in the final analysis, unsuccessful—Godaddy tech support folks. Basic service now has resumed, but there's much more to do. Hopefully this is an opportunity to make Roots and Blues even better. Okay, I'm going to bed now, hopefully not to awaken with database nightmares! Read more [...]

Jim’s Roots and Blues Calendar is Up and Running!

I lost this site to the digital boogeyman last week. But after rebuilding we're up and running again. One big email announcement went out, and now it's up to word-of-mouth. Response so far is very positive! Updating calendars hopefully will become a simple routine, that allowing more free time for picking and listening to live music. Speaking of which, the Nashville Bluegrass Band played Friday night at the Emelin. I'd never been there before. What a great venue it is! The band was simply great, Read more [...]

Greetings NYC Bluegrass, Oldtime & Other American Roots Music Fans!

JRandB800pxIt turns out there’s far more great roots music around NYC than I’d thought! How come it's harder to go hear it than staying home to watch Law & Order reruns? Well, if you have all the info at your fingertips, at least one obstacle's removed. So here we are—conveniently online all the time, and mobile, too. Jim's Roots and Blues Calendar is dedicated to New York City area live bluegrass, old time, string band, blues, early jazz and more—mainly acoustic. It'll be easier to find now, and that's better for everybody–audiences, musicians and venues, alike. Read more [...]