The Music of Bill Monroe

A sortable table of 548 tunes and songs Bill Monroe—Father of Bluegrass—is known to have recorded. He famously ascribed to himself many titles written by or co-written with others. This list probably doesn't clear up everything, but it's a start. I count 157 fiddle tunes/instrumentals, 98 gospel songs, and 292 secular songs, and one whose category is undetermined: Halfway to Morehead (anyone?).

Thanks to Neil V. Rosenberg and Charles K. Wolfe for their exhaustive research in The Music of Bill Monroe, University of Illinois Press, 2007 (highly recommended for any Monroe nerd!) If we've missed something—lots of private recordings exist out there—or if you have corrections, don't hesitate to let us know!

TitleWritten ByCategory1st RecordedTitle Variants, Notes…
A Beautiful LifeWilliam Lee GoldenGospel1938-01-28
A Fallen StarFerlin Husky or James JoinerSong1957-04-20
A Good Woman's LoveHank Locklin or Cy CobenSong1957-05-14
A Lonesome RoadJoe Earl Stuart, Jr.Song1957-12-15
A Mighty Pretty WaltzNorman Gimbel, Bill CarriganSong1952-07-26
A Voice from on HighBill Monroe, Bessie Lee MaudlinGospel1954-01-14
Alabama WaltzHank WilliamsSong1950-02-03
All the Good Times Are Passed and Gonetraditional Bob PeggSong1937-08-03All the Good Times Are Past and Gone
Along about DaybreakBill MonroeSong1947-10-28
Angels Rock Me to SleeptraditionalGospel1951-03-17
Are You Lost in Sin?Jim & JesseGospel1990-06-12
Ashland BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental1975-03-10
Back Up and Pushtraditional Gid Tanner &The Skillet LickersInstrumental1941-10-02
Baker's BreakdownKenny Baker, Bill MonroeInstrumental1962-12-06
Banks of the OhioRed Patterson's Piedmont Log RollersSong1963-05-17On the Banks of the Ohio
Baptize Me in the Cumberland RiverBill MonroeGospel1982-07-04
Ben Dewbery's Final RunAndrew JenkinsSong1951-04-23
Beyond the GateJake Landers, Bill MonroeGospel1970-03-26
Big Ball in Brooklyntraditional Bill MonroeSong1962-04-26
Big MonBill MonroeInstrumental1958-12-01
Big RiverJohnny CashSong1960-11-30
Big Sandy RiverKenny Baker, Bill MonroeInstrumental1962-12-06
Big SpringBill MonroeInstrumental
Bill's DreamBill MonroeInstrumental1964-02-03
Billy in the Lowgroundtraditional Bill MonroeInstrumental
Black OakBlake WilliamsInstrumental
Blue Eyes from HeavenDiana ChristianSong1989-05-11
Blue Goosetraditional Buddy ThomasInstrumental1977-07-27
Blue Moon of KentuckyBill MonroeSong1946-09-16
Blue NightKirk McGeeSong1967-01-23
Blue Ridge Mountain BluesGeorge ReneauSong1962-05-03
Blue Savannah WaltzWayne JerroldsSong1988-01-12
Blue Yodel No. 4Jimmie RodgersSong1946-09-16
Blue Yodel No. 7" (Anniversary Blue Yodel)Jimmie RodgersSong1941-10-02
Bluegrass BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental1947-10-27Blue Grass Breakdown
Bluegrass Part 1 (Bluegrass Twist)Bill MonroeInstrumental1960-11-30Blue Grass Part 1
Bluegrass RambleBill MonroeInstrumental1950-02-03Blue Grass Ramble
Bluegrass SpecialBill MonroeInstrumental1945-02-13Blue Gras Special
Bluegrass StompBill MonroeInstrumental1949-10-22Blue Grass Stomp
Blues for Casey C.Bill MonroeSong1995-03-20
Bluest Man in TownBill MonroeSong1985-06-17
Boat of LoveJ.W. SmithGospel1950-04-08
Boatin' Up SandyOwen "Snake" ChapmanInstrumental1975-06-00
BonnyJuanita Southern, James Monroe?, Uncle Pen VandiverSong1969-12-17
Boston BoytraditionalInstrumental1994-01-09
Brakeman's BluesJimmie RodgersSong1951-03-29
Brand New ShoesLester BlackwellSong1957-12-15
Bringing in the Georgia MailFred RoseSong1976-02-09
Brown County BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental1955-09-16
Bugle Call RagFriars Society OrchestraInstrumental1961-12-04
Cabin of LoveBirch MonroeSong1951-07-06
California BluesJimmie RodgersSong
California Forest FireBill MonroeInstrumental
Call of the ShepherdBill MonroeInstrumental1982-07-04Little Shepherd
Can't You Hear Me Callin'Bill MonroeSong1949-10-22
Candy Galtraditional Uncle Pen VandiverInstrumental1969-10-28
Careless LoveW.C. HandySong1946-13-00
Carroll County BluesNarmour & SmithInstrumental1975-06-00
Changing PartnersLarry Coleman, Joe DarionSong1954-01-08
Charleston No.1Narmour & SmithInstrumental
Cheap Love AffairBill Monroe, Chuck CarsonSong1962-04-25
CheyenneBill MonroeInstrumental1954-12-31
Chicken ReeltraditionalInstrumental1963-05-17
Chilly Winds of ShannonBill MonroeInstrumental1995-03-20
Christmas Time's a-ComingTex LoganSong1951-10-28
Clinging to a Saving HandBill MackGospel1975-03-10
Close ByBill Monroe, Robert Van WinkleSong1954-06-26
Columbus Stockade BluesDarby, TarltonSong1962-04-26
Come Back to Me in My DreamsBill MonroeSong1945-02-13
Come Go with MeMarty RobbinsSong1959-11-25
Come Hither to Go YonderBill MonroeInstrumental1990-06-16Go Hither to Go Yonder
Comin' Down from BostontraditionalSong1975-06-00
Corrina, CorrinatraditionalSong1978-01-30
Cotton Eyed Joetraditional Dyke's Magic City TrioSong1965-06-17
Cotton FieldsLeadbellySong1961-11-30
Country WaltzBill MonroeSong1952-07-18
Cripple CreekTraditionalInstrumental1969-04-29
Crossing the CumberlandsBill MonroeInstrumental1968-11-14
Cry, Cry Darlin'J.D. Miller, Jimmy C. NewmanSong1957-05-14
Cryin' Holy Unto the LordtraditionalGospel1940-10-07
Cumbertand GaptraditionalSong1975-06-00
Dancin' in BrancinBill MonroeInstrumental1986-03-17Dancin' in Branson
Danny Boy(unknown), Ernestine Schumann-HeinkSong1961-11-31
Dark as the Night, Blue as the DayBill MonroeSong1959-01-30
Dark HollowBill BrowningSong1963-11-16
Darling CoreytraditionalSong1936-06-21
Dear Old DixieFlatt & ScruggsSong1974-12-13
Devil's DreamtraditionalInstrumental1963-03-20
Dixon County RagArthur SmithInstrumental1975-06-00
Do You Call That Religiontraditional Birmingham Jubilee singers?Gospel1936-06-21
Dog House BluesJ.L. Frank, Pee Wee KingSong1940-10-07
Doin' My TimeJimmie SkinnerSong1975-05-17
Don't Forget Me (Little Darlin')The Carter FamilySong1936-06-21
Don't Put Off Til TomorrowBill Monroe, Pete PyleGospel1952-07-18
Done GonetraditionalSong
Down in the Willow GardentraditionalSong1976-02-09
Down Memory LaneCharlie MonroeSong1976-02-09
Down YonderL.W. GilbertSong1973-06-17
Dreaming of a Little CabinAlbert E. BrumleySong1963-11-16
Drifting Too Far from the ShoreCharles E. MoodyGospel1936-02-17
Drunken HiccupstraditionalInstrumental
Durang's Hornpipetraditional HoffmasterInstrumental1969-07-04
Dusty MillerArthur SmithInstrumental1966-12-06
East Tennessee BluesBill MonroeInstrumental1964-10-31
Ebenezer ScroogeBill MonroeInstrumental1983-12-15Old Ebenezer Scrooge
Eight Miles from LouisvilletraditionalSong
Evening Prayer BluesBill Monroe, DeFord BailyInstrumental1981-02-19
Fair PlayBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-04
Farewell BluesPaul Mares, Leon Roppolo, Elmer SchoebelInstrumental1990-07-07
Farewell to Long HollowBill MonroeInstrumentalMonroe's Farewell to Long Hollow
Farther AlongtraditionalGospel1962-11-23Farther On
Feast Here TonightThe Prairie RamblersSong1963-05-14Have a Feast Here Tonight and Rabbit in the Log
Festival WaltzKenny BakerInstrumental1975-05-17
Fiddler's PastimeBill MonroeInstrumental1976-03-29
Fiddlers BluesArthur SmithInstrumental1995-03-20
Fire on the MountaintraditionalInstrumental1963-05-17
Fireball MailFred Rose (Floyd Jenkins)Instrumental1969-03-26
Flint Hill SpecialFlatt & ScruggsInstrumental1975-05-17
Flop Eared MuletraditionalInstrumental1975-06-00
Florida BluesArthur SmithInstrumental1975-06-00
Flowers of LoveBill MonroeSong1960-11-30
Foggy Morning in MoreheadBill MonroeInstrumental1989-00-00
Foggy Mountain BreakdownEarl ScruggsInstrumental1983-12-15
Foggy Mountain TopA.P. CarterSong1964-08-31On Some Foggy Mountain Top
Foggy RiverFred RoseSong1962-05-03
Footprints in the Snowtraditional Rupert Jones, MillerSong1945-02-13
Four WallsJim ReevesSong1957-04-20
FrauleinBobby Helms or Lawton Williams?Song1975-05-17
Friday Night at the OpryBill MonroeInstrumental1993-11-14
Frog on a Lily PadBill MonroeInstrumental1992-03-03Frog on the Lily Pad
Galley NippertraditionalInstrumental1992-03-03
Get Down on Your Knees and PrayBill MonroeGospel1951-07-06
Get Up JohnBill MonroeInstrumental1953-11-28
Give Me WingsKye Fleming, Don Schlitz or Gerald Evans?Gospel1988-01-14
Gnaw BoneBill MonroeInstrumental
God Holds the Future in His HandsJames Rowe, James D. VaughanGospel1936-06-21
Going Across the SeatraditionalSong1989-06-19
Going HomeCarl TiptonGospel1962-05-16
Going Up CaneyUncle Pen VandiverInstrumental1969-11-25
Golden RiverStuart HamblenSong1978-02-08
Goodbye MaggieJ. Guest (M.M. Cole songbook)Song1938-01-28
Goodbye Old Paltraditional Cliff CarlisleSong1945-02-13Old Pal of Mine
Gotta Travel OnBilly GrammerSong1958-12-01
Grey EagletraditionalInstrumental1965-07-24The Old Gray Eagle
Happy BirthdaytraditionalSong1990-06-16
Happy on My WayPete PyleSong1954-01-14
Harbor of LoveThe Stanley BrothersSong1990-05-21
Hard Times Have Been HereDamon BlackSong1978-01-24
He Will Set Your Fields on FiretraditionalGospel1937-08-03
He'll Take You InBill MonroeGospel1990-06-02
Heavy Traffic AheadBill MonroeSong1946-09-16
Heel and Toe PolkatraditionalInstrumental1971-01-20
Highway of SorrowBill MonroeSong1951-04-23
Honky Tonk SwingBill MonroeInstrumental1941-10-02
House of GoldHank WilliamsGospel1958-03-21
How Old Are You My Pretty Little Miss?traditionalSong1969-07-04
How Will I Explain about You?Arthur Q. SmithSong1946-09-17
I Am a PilgrimMerle TravisGospel1958-03-20
I Am Going That WayJames Rowe, L.B. Register Gospel1937-02-15
I Am Ready to GoW. H. Whitworth?Gospel1937-02-15
I Am Thinking Tonight of the Old FolksMonroe BrothersSong1936-10-12
I Believed in You DarlingBill MonroeSong1954-01-07
I Dreamed I Searched Heaven for YouMary Ethel WiessSong1936-10-12
I Have Found the WayAdger M. Pace ? L.A. GreenGospel1937-02-15
I Haven't Seen Mary in YearsDamon BlackSong1969-03-26
I Hear a Sweet Voice CallingBill MonroeSong1947-10-27
I Hope You Have LearnedBill MonroeSong1953-11-28
I Know My Lord's Gonna Lead Me OutAlbert E. BrumleyGospel1969-07-04
I Live in the PastVirginia StaufferSong1965-03-16
I Love the State of VirginiaBill MonroeSong1986-03-18vocal solo!
I Saw the LightHank WilliamsGospel1958-02-25
I Still Miss SomeoneJohnny Cash, Roy CashSong1983-01-27
I Want to Go with YouBill MonroeSong1968-11-14
I Was Left on the StreetChuck Carson, Bill MonroeSong1962-04-25Walk Softly on My Heart
I Will Sing for the Glory of GodtraditionalGospel1970-03-26
I Wonder If You Feel the Way I DoBob WillsSong1940-10-07
I Wonder Where You Are TonightJimmy Wakely & His Rough Riders or Johnny BondSong1966-10-14
I'd Love to Be Over YonderBill MonroeInstrumental1994-07-00I'd Like to Be Over Yonder
I'll Fly AwayAlbert E. BrumleyGospel1982-07-04
I'll Have a New LifeLuther G. PresleyGospel1945-02-13
I'll Live OnThomas J. Laney, Monroe BrothersGospel1937-02-15
I'll Meet You in Church Sunday MorningtraditionalGospel1950-04-08
I'll Meet You in the MorningAlbert E. BrumleySong1958-03-19
I'm Blue, I'm LonesomeBill Monroe, Hank WilliamsSong1950-02-03
I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know WhenBill MonroeSong1976-02-09
I'm Going Back to Old KentuckyBill MonroeSong1947-10-27
I'm Going ThroughHerbert BuffumGospel1936-06-21
I'm Old Kentucky BoundCharlie MonroeSong1976-02-09
I'm On My Way to the Old HomeBill MonroeSong1938-01-28I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home
I'm Sittin' on Top of the WorldRay Henderson , Sam Lewis, Joe YoungSong1957-05-14Sittin' on Top of the World
I'm So Lonesome I Could CryHank WilliamsSong1962-11-23
I'm Travelin' On and OnBill MonroeGospel1947-10-28
I'm Working on a BuildingA.P. CarterGospel1954-01-14
I've Found a Hiding PlaceAlbert E. BrumleyGospel1958-03-20
I've Lived a Lot in My TimeJim ReevesSong1983-12-15
I've Still Got Ninety-NinetraditionalSong1938-01-28
If I Should Wander Back TonighttraditionalSong
In DespairBill MonroeSong1957-05-15
In My Dear Old Southern HomeEllsworth Cozzens, Jimmie RodgersSong1936-02-17
In the Gloryland WayJ.S. TorbettGospel1982-07-04
In the PinestraditionalSong1941-10-02
Is the Blue Moon Still Shining?Melissa MonroeSong1967-11-09
It Makes No Difference NowCliff Bruner's Texas WanderersSong1966-12-06
It's Me Again LordDottie RamboGospel1970-03-26
It's Mighty Dark to TravelBill MonroeSong1947-10-27Mighty Dark to Travel
It's Only a Phonograph RecordCharlie MonroeSong1976-02-09
Jack Across the WayBill MonroeInstrumental1994-01-09
Jake SatterfieldDamon BlackSong1978-01-30
Jekyll IslandBill MonroeInstrumental1986-03-17
Jemison BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental
Jenny LynntraditionalInstrumental1971-01-20
Jerusalem RidgeBill MonroeInstrumental1975-03-10
Jesus Hold My HandJ.W. Acuff (lyrics)Gospel1958-03-20
Jimmy Brown the NewsboyA.P. CarterSong1962-11-23
John HardytraditionalInstrumental1961-12-04
John HenrytraditionalSong1959-08-02New John Henry Blues
Journey's EndErnest Tubb and Vergil "Pappy" StewartSong1961-11-30
Just a Little Talk with JesusCleavant DerricksGospel1948-02-21
Just a Song of Old KentuckyMonroe BrothersSong1936-06-21
Just BecauseJoe SheltonSong1966-06-20Party at Tex Logan's, Madison, NJ
Just Over in the Glory LandJ.W. AcuffGospel1990-06-27We're Going Just Over in the Glory Land
Kansas City Railroad BluesEmmett Hethcox, George WalburnSong1965-09-05
Katy Clinetraditional Ernest StonemanSong1937-02-15
Katy HillAllen Sisson, John F. BurckhardtInstrumental1940-10-07
Kentucky KingLarry CordleSong1992-03-00
Kentucky MandolinBill Monroe, Herschel SizemoreInstrumental1964-04-18
Kentucky WaltzBill MonroeSong1945-02-13
Kiss Me WaltztraditionalInstrumental1971-01-15
l Am Thinking Tonight of the Old FolksAsa Martin, James RobertsSong1943-03-00My Dixie Home
Ladies on a Steamboattraditional Bill MonroeInstrumental
Lady of the Blue RidgeBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-19
Land of LincolnBill MonroeInstrumental1969-11-25
Last Old DollarBill MonroeSong1964-02-03
Legend of the Blue Ridge MountainsBill MonroeSong1964-01-28
Let Me Rest at the End of My JourneyBirch MonroeSong1962-12-10
Let the Gates Swing WideBill MonroeGospel1985-06-10
Let the Light Shine Down on MeDottie SwanGospel1955-01-28
Let Us Be Lovers AgainThe Carter FamilySong1937-08-03
Letter from My DarlingBill MonroeSong1951-01-20
Life's HighwayRichard Leigh, Roger Murrah,Song1988-01-13
Life's Railway to HeavenM. E. AbbeyGospel1958-03-19
Linda LouCarl ButlerSong1960-11-30
Little Cabin Home on the HillLester Flatt, Bill MonroeSong1947-10-27
Little Community ChurchLester Flatt, Bill MonroeGospel1946-12-00
Little JoeMaj. Charles E. AddisonSong1938-01-28
Little MaggietradSong1946-13-00
Little Red Shoestraditional Monroe Bros.Song1936-02-17
Live and Let LiveWiley & GeneSong1961-11-10
LochwoodBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-04Lockwood
Log Cabin in the LaneWill S. HaysSong1966-11-03
Lonesome Moonlight WaltzBill MonroeInstrumental1964-04-18
Lonesome Old FarmerJimmy Campbell?Song1995-03-20
Lonesome Road BluesNathaniel Shilkret, Gene AustinSong1960-11-30
Lonesome Truck Driver's BluesBob Newman or Lee RobertsSong1951-07-01
Lonesome Wind BluesWayne RaneySong1959-11-25
Lord, Build Me a Cabin in GloryCurtis StewartGospel1958-02-25
Lord, Lead Me OnMarion EasterlingGospel1958-02-25
Lord, Protect My SoulBill MonroeGospel1950-10-15
Louisville BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental1964-04-09
Love Gone ColdJohnny BondSong1946-12-00
Love, Please Come HorneLeon JacksonSong1972-03-15
Love's Gonna Live HereBuck OwensSong1963-11-16
Lucky LadyBill MonroeInstrumental1976-10-21
Mansions for MeBill MonroeGospel1946-09-16
Mary at the Home PlaceKen ClarkSong1964-01-27
Mary Jane Won't You Be MineBill MonroeSong1975-03-11Mary Jane Will You Be Mine
Master BuilderWes-Burt MartinGospel1962-12-10
McKinley's MarchtraditionalInstrumental1970-01-19
Melissa's Waltz for LB.Bill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-19
Memories of Mother and DadBill MonroeSong1952-07-18
Memories of YouBill MonroeSong1950-02-03
Methodist PreacherUncle Pen VandiverInstrumental1969-04-29
Midnight in RosineBill MonroeInstrumental
Midnight on the Stormy DeeptraditionalSong1963-05-14
Milenburg JoyBill MonroeInstrumental1971-01-20
Mississippi WaltzKenny Baker, Bill Monroe?Instrumental1976-03-29
Molly and TenbrooksCarver BoysSong1946-12-00
Monroe's BluesBill MonroeInstrumental1976-10-21
Monroe's HornpipeBill MonroeInstrumental1958-12-01
Mother's Only SleepingBill MonroeSong1946-09-16
Muddy WatersPhil RosenthalSong1978-01-30
Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)Jimmie RodgersSong1939-11-25Muleskinner Blues
Music Valley WaltzBill Monroe, John HartfordSong1986-03-17
My Cabin in CarolineFlatt & ScruggsSong1976-10-20
My Carolina Sunshine GirlJimmie RodgersSong1951-04-23
My Dying BedBill MonroeSong1952-07-18
My Father's FootstepsBill MonroeInstrumental1994-10-30
My Florida SunshineBill MonroeSong1977-07-28
My Last Days On EarthBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-19
My Last Moving DayMonroe BrothersGospel1937-08-08
My Little Georgia RoseBill MonroeSong1950-02-03
My Long Journey Hometraditional Monroe Bros.Song1936-02-17
My Louisiana LoveBill MonroeSong1976-10-21
My Old Kentucky And YouBill MonroeSong1972-03-21
My Rose Of Old KentuckyBill MonroeSong1947-10-27
My Savior's TrainMonroe BrothersGospel1936-10-12
My Sweet MemoryBill MonroeSong1977-07-27
Natural Bridge BluesTommy MagnessSong1975-06-00
Never Again (Will I Knock on Your Door)Benny WilliamsSong1964-04-09
Never Leave The A StringBill MonroeInstrumental1990-07-00
New John Henry BluesBill MonroeSong1954-01-07
New River TraintraditionalSong1936-02-17
Nine Pound HammerCharlie BowmanSong1936-02-17
No Letter In The MailBill Carlisle, Byron GregorySong1940-01-07
No One But My Darlin'Bill MonroeSong1958-12-01
No Place To Pillow My Headtraditional Lester Flatt, Bill MonroeSong1976-10-20
Nobody Loves Me, Nobody CaresZeke ClementsSong1945-02-13
Northern White CloudsBill MonroeInstrumental1989-05-11
Oh, Hide You In The BloodHampton H. SewellGospel1937-02-15
Old Brown County BarnBill MonroeInstrumental1985-06-17
Old DaingerfieldBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-04Old Dangerfield
Old Ebenezer ScroogeBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-03Ebenezer Scrooge
Old Farm BluesSong1994-05-22
Old Joe ClarktraditionalInstrumental1961-02-04
Old Lonesome WaltzBill MonroeInstrumental1994-10-30
Old RivermanBill Monroe, John HartfordSong1981-01-06
Old Tennessee RiverBill MonroeInstrumental1995-03-20
On And OnBill MonroeSong1954-01-07
On My Way To GlorytraditionalGospel1937-08-03
On That Old Gospel ShiptraditionalGospel1937-08-03
On The Jericho RoadDonald S. McCrossanGospel1962-05-17
On The Old Kentucky ShoreBill MonroeSong1951-01-20
Once I Had A Darling MothertraditionalSong
One Finger BluesBill MonroeInstrumental
One Of God's SheepWally FowlerGospel
Orange Blossom BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental
Orange Blossom SpecialErvin T. RouseInstrumental1941-10-02
Out In The Cold WorldBill MonroeSong1957-05-15
OwensboroBill MonroeInstrumental
Ozark RagBill MonroeInstrumental1987-06-09
Paddy on the TurnpiketraditionalInstrumental1963-07-27
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old CiderJimmy Johnson String BandSong1966-06-20Party at Tex Logan's, Madison, NJ
Panhandle CountryBill MonroeInstrumental1958-04-08
Pass Me NotFanny J. Crosby, W.H. DoaneGospel1962-11-23
Peach Pickin' Time In GeorgiaJimmie RodgersSong1951-04-23
Pearly GatesCarson J. RobisonGospel1938-01-28Open Up Them Pearly Gates
Pike County BreakdownRupert Jones, Bill Monroe?Instrumental1952-07-26
Pilgrim's KnobBill MonroeInstrumental
Pinewood ValleyWilliam HoldenInstrumental1977-07-28
Plant Some Flowers By My GraveJimmie DavisSong1954-01-08
Playing for the Old FolksBill MonroeInstrumental
PocahontasBill MonroeInstrumental1990-07-00
Poison LoveElmer LairdSong1951-01-20
Poor White Folkstraditional Bill MonroeInstrumental1971-01-15
Precious MemoriesJohn B.F. WrightGospel1958-03-19
Pretty Fair Maiden In The GardenBill MonroeSong1963-07-27
Put My Little Shoes AwayRiley PuckettSong1954-06-26
Put My Rubber Doll AwayMolly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain FolksSong1960-12-01
Ragtime AnnietraditionalSong1990-06-15
RawhideBill MonroeInstrumental1951-01-20Raw Hide
Reasons WhyJuanita SouthernSong1975-03-12
Reelfoot ReelBill MonroeInstrumental
Right, Right OnBill MonroeInstrumental1981-02-03
River Of DeathBill Monroe, Don RenoGospel1950-10-15
Road to ColumbusBill MonroeInstrumental
Roane County PrisonBill MonroeSong1957-05-15
RoanokeBill MonroeInstrumental1954-12-31
Rocky Road BluesBill MonroeSong1945-02-13
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Armstraditional Buster Carter, Preston YoungSong1936-10-12Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Roll On, Buddy, Roll OnCharlie Bowman or Doyle Wilburn, Teddy Wilburn Song1937-02-15
Rollin' Ontraditional Charlie MonroeSong1938-01-28
Rotation BluesLt. Stewart PowellSong1951-07-01
RoustaboutMooney HaroldSong1975-05-17
Roxanna WaltzBill MonroeInstrumental1994-01-09
Sailor's HornpipetraditionalInstrumental1963-03-20
Sailor's PleaElsie McWilliams, Jimmie RodgersSong1951-04-23
Sally GoodintraditionalInstrumental1967-08-23
Sally-JoBill MonroeSong1957-12-15
Salt Creektraditional Bill Keith, Bill MonroeInstrumental1963-03-20
Salt RivertraditionalInstrumental
Santa ClausBill MonroeInstrumental1963-03-27
ScotlandBill MonroeInstrumental1958-04-08
Seven Year BluesLouvin BrothersSong1960-11-30
Shady GrovetraditionalSong1961-11-10
Shake My Mother's Hand for MeJohnnie WrightSong1941-10-02
She's Young and I'm Growing OldBill MonroeSong1977-07-27
Shenandoah BreakdownBill MonroeInstrumental1963-03-27
Shine Hallaluiah ShineBill MonroeGospel1946-12-00
Shine On MetraditionalGospel1966-06-20Party at Tex Logan's, Madison, NJ
Shining PathBill MonroeGospel1946-09-17
Shouting on the Hills of GlorytraditionalGospel1982-07-04
Show Me the WayVirginia StaufferGospel1975-03-10
Shuckin' the CornJosh GravesInstrumental1975-05-17
Sinner You Better Get ReadytraditionalGospel1937-08-03
Sitting Alone in the MoonlightBill MonroeSong1954-01-08
Six Feet Under the GroundBill MonroeSong1978-01-24
Six Months Ain't LongMonroe BrothersSong1936-06-21
Six White HorsesClyde MoodySong1940-10-07
Slow and Easy BluesJimmy Yancy?Instrumental1990-07-06
Smoky Mountain Schottischetraditional Bill MonroeInstrumental1992-03-03
Sold Down the RiverLarry CassidySong1960-11-30
Soldier's JoytraditionalInstrumental1964-10-31
Some Glad DayWill M. Ramsey ...Adger M. Pace, L.A. GreenGospel1937-02-15
Somebody Touched MeJohn ReedyGospel1962-05-17
Southern FlavorBill MonroeInstrumental1988-01-04
Stay Away from MeBill MonroeSong1986-03-17
Stone CoalBill MonroeInstrumental1988-01-05
Stoney LonesomeBill Monroe, Charlie SmithInstrumental1959-01-30
Sugar Coated LoveAudrey ButlerSong1951-07-06
Sugar Loaf MountainBill MonroeInstrumental1988-01-08
Summertime Is Past and GoneBill MonroeSong1946-09-16
Sunny Side of the MountainHarry C. McAuliffe, Bobby GregorySong1948-02-21
Sweet Blue-Eyed DarlingBill MonroeSong1976-10-20My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darling and My Sweet Darling
Sweet Little Miss Blue EyesDon Helms, Merle "Red" TaylorSong
Sweet Mary and the Miles in BetweenDamon BlackSong1969-12-17
Sweetheart You Done Me WrongBill Monroe, Lester FlattSong1947-10-27
Swing Low, Sweet Chariottraditional Fisk Jubilee SingersSong1951-03-17
Take Courage un' TomorrowtraditionalGospel1988-01-13
Tall PinesDamon BlackSong1969-10-28
Tall TimberBill MonroeInstrumental1955-09-16
TallahasseeBill MonroeInstrumental1970-12-03
TanyardsBill MonroeInstrumental1994-10-30
Tellico PlainsBill MonroeSong1990-07-07
Tennessee BluesBill MonroeInstrumental1940-10-07
Tennessee WagonertraditionalSong
Texas Blue BonnetBill MonroeInstrumental1977-07-25
Texas GalloptraditionalInstrumental1970-01-19Texas Quickstep
Texas Lone StarBill MonroeInstrumental1986-03-18
Thank God for KentuckyHazel SmithSong1975-03-12
That Home AboveBill MonroeGospel1947-10-28
That's All RightAutrey InmanSong1966-12-06But That's Alright
That's Christmas Time to MeVirginia StaufferSong1977-07-28
That's What I Like About YouCharlie MonroeSong
The Beautiful Red Rose WaltzBirch MonroeSong1975-06-00
The Country WaltzBill MonroeSong
The Coupon SongJ. E. Mainer, Jimmie O'NealSong1941-10-02
The Days Gone ByTom Ewing, Bill MonroeSong1988-01-12
The Dead MarchUncle Pen VandiverInstrumental1969-03-26
The First WhippoorwillBill MonroeSong1951-10-28
The Forgotten Soldier BoyBert LayneSong1936-10-12
The Girl in the Blue Velvet BandCliff Carlisle, M. ForeeSong1949-10-22
The Glory Land WayJames Samuel TorbettGospel1962-11-23
The Gold RushBill Monroe, Byron BerlineInstrumental1967-08-23
The Golden WestBill MonroeInstrumental1985-06-17
The Great Speckled BirdRoy Carter, Reverend Guy SmithGospel
The Hills of Roane CountyThe Blue Sky BoysSong
The Lee Wedding TuneUncle Pen VandiverInstrumental1969-11-25
The Little Girl and the Dreadful SnakeAlbert Rae PriceSong1952-07-18
The Lloyd LoarBill MonroeInstrumental
The Long Black VeilDanny Dill ? Marijohn WilkinsSong1965-03-16
The Long BowBill MonroeInstrumental1986-03-18
The Old Country BaptizingVerlon Bryontt, Jim ShumateGospel1962-05-10
The Old Cross RoadBill MonroeGospel1936-10-12The Old Crossroads
The Old FiddlerHugh Ashsley, Ira WrightSong1950-04-08
The Old Gray Mare Came Tearing Out Of The WildernesstraditionalInstrumental1971-01-15
The Old Home TownCarter StanleySong1989-05-11
The Old Kentucky BluesBill MonroeSong1994-11-30
The Old Man's StoryCarson J. RobisonSong1938-01-28
The Old MountaineerBill MonroeInstrumental1979-06-16
The One I Love Is GoneBill MonroeSong
The Prisoner's SongGuy MasseySong
The Red Rocking ChairtraditionalSong1976-02-09
The Road Of LifeVirginia StaufferGospel
The Saints Go Marching IntraditionalGospel1936-10-12
The Sunset TrailBill MonroeSong1977-07-25
The Truck Drivin' ManTerry FellSong
There Was Nothing We Could DoChuck CarsonSong1962-04-25
There's an Old, Old HouseHal Bynum, George JonesSong1965-03-16The Old, Old House
Thinking About YouLee FikesSong1959-11-25
This World Is Not My HomeAdger M. Pace James D. VaughanSong1936-02-17
Those Gambler's BluesJimmie RodgersSong1951-04-23
Those Memories of YouAlan O'BryantSong1978-02-08
Til All the Lonely's GonePam TillisSong1994-01-09
Time Changes EverythingTommy DuncanSong1960-11-30
Tokyo Moonlight WaltzBill MonroeInstrumental
Tombstone JunctionBill MonroeInstrumental1990-06-15
Tomorrow I'll Be GoneWilma Lee CooperSong1959-01-30
Toy HeartBill MonroeSong1946-09-16
Trail of TearsBill MonroeInstrumental
Train 45 (Heading South)Wade Mainer & Zeke MorrisSong1967-11-09
Travelin' BluesShelly Lee Allley, Jimmie RogersSong1951-03-29
Travelin' Down This Lonesome RoadNathaniel ShilkretSong1949-10-22Travelin' This Lonesome Road
TrombolinBill MonroeInstrumental
Truck Driving ManTerry FellSong1975-05-17
True Life BluesBill MonroeSong1945-02-13
Turkey in the StrawtraditionalInstrumental1966-08-26
Two Finger WaltzBill MonroeInstrumental1994-05-22
Uncle PenBill MonroeSong1950-10-15
Up In Front, Out in the BackBill MonroeInstrumental
Used to Be (I'm Just a)Bill Monroe, Doc WatsonSong1955-09-16
Virginia Darlin'Bill MonroeInstrumental1967-08-23
Wabash CannonballA.P. CarterSong1975-05-17
Wait A Little Longer, Please JesusHazel Houser, Chester SmithGospel1955-01-28
Walk Softly on This Heart of MineJake Landers, Bill MonroeSong1969-10-28
Walkin' the DogWebb PierceSong1963-02-08
Walking in JerusalemtraditionalGospel1952-07-18
Walking in My SleepArthur SmithInstrumental1975-05-17
Walls Of TimePeter Rowan, Bill MonroeSong1965-07-24
Watermelon Hangin' on the VineThomas P. WestendorfInstrumental1936-06-21Watermelon Hangin' on That Vine
Watson's BluesBill MonroeInstrumental1966-08-26
Way Down Deep in My SoulFloyd HunterGospel1962-05-16
Wayfaring Strargertraditional Vaughan's Texas QuartetGospel1958-03-21
We Read Of A Place That's Called HeavenA.P. BlandGospel1936-10-12
We'll Understand It BetterR.E. WinsettSong1962-05-17
Weary TravelerCliff Carlisle, Boby GregorySong1975-03-12
Weep And CryCharlie MonroeSong
Weeping Willow TreeCharlie MonroeSong1937-02-15
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?traditionalGospel1941-10-02
What a Friend We Have in JesusCharles ConverseGospel1982-07-04
What A Wonderful LifeRaymond HuffmasterGospel1988-10-08
What About YouJack AnglinSong1969-04-29
What Became of That Beautiful PictureCharlie MonroeSong1976-02-09
What Does the Deep Sea Say?Bob MillerSong1936-10-12Where is My Sailor Boy?
What Is Home without Love?The Louvin BrothersSong1936-02-17
What Would The Profit Be?John M. FreemanGospel
What Would You Give in Exchange (for Your Soul?)J.H. Carr, F.J. BarryGospel1936-02-17
What Would You Give in Exchange—Part 3Monroe BrothersGospel1937-08-03
What Would You Give in Exchange—Part 4Monroe BrothersGospel1937-08-03
What Would You Give in Exchangel—Part 2Monroe BrothersGospel1937-08-03
Wheel HossBill MonroeInstrumental1954-12-31
When He Reached Down His Hand for MeG.E. WrightGospel1965-09-05
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold AgainWiley Walker, Gene SullivanSong1966-10-14
When Our Lord Shall Come AgainRev. Johnson Oatmand, R.L. FergusonGospel1938-01-28
When the Angels Carry Me HomeCharlie MonroeGospel1976-02-09
When The Bees Are In The Hivetraditional Alfred Bryan, Kerry MillsSong1962-04-26
When The Cactus Is In BloomJimmie RodgersSong1951-03-29
When The Golden Leaves Begin To FallBill MonroeSong1950-10-15
When The Phone RangJoe HudginsSong1959-01-30
When the Saints Go Marching IntraditionalGospel
When you Are LonelyLester Flatt, Bill MonroeSong1947-10-28
Whispering HopeSeptimus WinnerSong1990-06-24
White Horse BreakdownKenny BakerInstrumental
White House BluesCharlie PoolSong1954-01-07
White RoseCarl ButlerSong1988-01-12
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little FeettraditionalSong1978-01-24
Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On?Billy Wallace, Kitty WellsSong
Why Did You Ever Say GoodbyeCharlie MonroeSong
Why Did You Wander?Lester Flatt, Bill MonroeSong1946-09-16
Wicked Path of SinStoney Cooper & Wilma LeeGospel1946-09-17
Wildwood FlowerThe Carter FamilySong1975-05-17
Will The Circle Be Unbroken?Ada Habersonand, Charles Gabriel, Carter FamilyGospel1936-10-12
Will You Be Loving Another ManLester FlattSong1946-09-17
Willie Mooretraditional Burnett & RutherfordSong1990-06-15
Wishing WaltzBill MonroeSong1953-11-28
With Body And SoulVirginia StaufferSong1969-04-29
Wolf Trap BluesBill MonroeInstrumental
Woodstock HornpipeBill MonroeInstrumental1995-03-20
Worn Through StoneShawn Camp, John Scott SherrillSong1994-06-06
Y'all ComeArlie DuffSong1956-01-08
You Are My SunshineThe Carter FamilySong
You Live In A World All Your OwnBill MonroeSong1960-11-30
You Won't Be Statisfied That WayJimmie Davis, Lloyd EllisSong1963-05-14
You'll Find Her Name Written ThereHarold HensleySong1954-12-31
You're Drifting AwayBill MonroeGospel1951-07-06
You've Got To Walk That Lonesome ValleytraditionalGospel1936-06-21