Nashville’s Music City Roots

NY City, the so-called “melting pot of the world” is a laboratory which proves the Darwinian principle: uniqueness can’t endure forever. Special local blessings over time sadly get debased and homogenized. The product is what you’d get if Ben & Jerry melted together all their flavors. Something that excites nobody. So we lose our favorite restaurants, shops, clubs, etc. to bigger collectives able to woo landlords. It’s technically lawful, but often a damned heartless wrongdoing against the community. Okay, I’ll stop bemoaning the loss of Banjo Jim’s…

In the words of Dry Branch Fire Squad‘s Ron Thomason, “I told you that to tell you this…”

If you’re reading this you probably like some of the same sorts of music I do. Long and short, as our own venues here start to dry up we have to expand our hunting grounds elsewhere for good roots music.

I recently got wind of a venue in Nashville, the Loveless Café. On their website you can hear live webcasts of new shows every Weds at 7pm CST. And they’ve just made their podcast archive available to the public. It’s a very cool resource. The only drawback is that it’s not a live local venue for us here in New York!