Heavenly Sight: A Vision out of Blindness

Heavenly Sight: A Vision Out of Blindness, is a one-hour audio documentary, written and hosted by David Marash. It begins airing this month through Public Radio International.

In the Black church, blindness has always carried a special gift. Heavenly Sight unfolds the stories of a half dozen blind men and women who made their own styles of music, and infused our popular songs with soul.

A few examples of blind musicians from the gospel tradition, whose sound rings through all that we now call American music, include the eerie keening of Blind Willie Johnson’s guitar, the preaching songs of Reverend Gary Davis and Ray Charles singing What’d I Say.

This project has produced a wealth of original recorded interviews, transcripts and research materials. Both from the Library of Congress and from little-known commercial sources, Heavenly Sight has unearthed rare archival sound, in addition to collecting contemporary music, research documents, graphics and photographs.

Having received partial funding from The Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, they now need your help.

They have 32 days left to raise the remaining funds through Kickstarter to underwrite the documentary and create a living music history website.

Please support this project if you can.