Where Does the Good Times Go: Recollections of Another Night of Waiting with members of the Nashville Bluegrass Band

anotherNightListening to the Gibson Brothers’ latest record, Help My Brother, reminded me of Another Night of Waiting, their final release on Hay Holler Records in 1998. As a follow-up to my first post on Jim’s Roots and Blues, I began writing about the songs from Another Night. I also reached out to two guest artists on the album, Mike Compton and Roland White, and the producer, Alan O’Bryant for their memories of the recording. All three quickly and graciously wrote back.   –J.S.

Mike Compton: “Lord, the Gibsons’ session has been some time ago. I’m not recalling any compelling visions at this point, just that I’ve been a fan of the Gibson boys since I met ’em. What they play and sing is true. I’ve never met two more genuine and likeable men anywhere.”

Alan O’Bryant: “Working with Leigh and Eric was a great opportunity and a real pleasure. I think both are natural talents, and have a great musical sensibility, and a passion for telling a story and touching people through their words and music. I have a soft spot for waltzes and duets and these guys can do them wonderfully. Besides that, they are both country gentlemen and easy to spend time with.”

Roland White: “The first time I heard the Gibson Brothers was at that same festival.  We, the Nashville Bluegrass Band were set up for selling our product, and I think we were a good ways from the stage. In the distance I heard a band come on stage and start playing. The singing got my attention. Next to me was Kitsy Kuykendall with the Bluegrass Unlimited booth. I said to her, ‘The guys singing up there now sound like a brother duet.’ She said it was the Gibson Brothers. I left our booth and went closer to listen. I was floored. One of the best duets I’d heard in a long time. And, I can always tell a brother duet.”

Alan O’Bryant: “I wish that recording had gotten more mileage. There are some really great songs on it and some that are classics. I also respect the fact that they explore and try to serve the song when it comes to musical treatment and how they choose to present a song. I wish them all the best. I feel like their success benefits us all.”

Roland White: “Some time later I was invited to record a song with them, and I was thrilled. It was an awesome experience. Every thing came together so very well, I’ll never forget it. The curly-headed young bass player, Mike Barber, was and is just fabulous. I’ve recorded with many, many folks in my life, but this session was one of the very best.”


Mike Compton: “Me and Joe Newberry just had breakfast with the whole band this past Sunday morning. Great bunch of guys. It brings me satisfaction and some degree of relief to know there are still people with this much integrity among us. Not only that, but they play/sing their asses off! Ha! Thanks for being in touch. Life is good.”

Roland White: “If I’m not on the road and they come to town, I make sure not to miss them. And they don’t come often enough. Whenever they’re up for a vote, they have mine.”

Another Night of Waiting and Help My Brother are available at amazon.com and iTunes.

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  1. You can’t say enough good things about the Gibson Brothers and their group. We have known them for many years and you always hear a good report about them, because they are great folk!

  2. Great to read these comments about my favorite bluegrass band. I always enjoy reading what their peers in the music business have to say about them. The Gibson Brothers have been working real hard for a long time to bring their brand of bluegrass music around the world. The accolades and attention they are now receiving are well deserved.

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