Free Bluegrass & Oldtime Lyrics Book!

Click to download free PDF
Click to download free PDF

Here’s a little project I worked on a couple of years ago. Lyrics to about 130 bluegrass and oldtime songs. Sorry, chords are often missing, and a little raggedy when they do appear. And I–IV–V indications are kinda  random, too. But it’s free, and maybe it’ll be useful at the next jam you attend. Happy Easter and Passover from Jim’s Roots & Blues Calendar!

If you have additions or corrections, send ’em along by e-mail. I’ll do a second edition if there’s enough material.

One thought on “Free Bluegrass & Oldtime Lyrics Book!

  1. Last verse to: Who Will Sing For Me

    And so I’ll sing until the end
    And helpful try to be
    Just knowing that some friend
    Will sing one song for me.

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