Wow! Free Circle-of-Fifths Chord Calculator…

All your friends will want one!

Hey, musicians and teachers, make your own circle-of-fifths calculator wheel! A nice little reference tool, it's handy for transcribing songs into different keys, and just fun to study. It helps you figure what chords go with what, too, like a cool Rosetta Stone for chord relationships. There's plenty more info on the circle-of-fifths on the internet, too.

Here's what you do:

  • Print it out twice on nice heavy paper. I covered mine with self-stick clear plastic film.
  • From one print, cut out the inner white circle.
  • Punch a little hole in the centers of the cut-out circle, and the other one that's not cut out.
  • Connect them together with one of those round-headed paper fasteners, that will allow them to rotate independently. I used a little plastic screw and nut from Radio Shack that was nice.
Make Your Own Circle-of-Fifths Calculator!
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