Wow! Free Circle-of-Fifths Chord Calculator!


Make Your Own Circle-of-Fifths Calculator!
Click to Download a PDF


Hey, musicians and teachers, make your own Circle-of-Fifths calculator wheel! A nice little reference tool, it’s handy for transcribing songs into different keys, and just fun to study. It helps you figure what chords go with what, too, like a cool Rosetta Stone for chord relationships.

All you’ve gotta do is…

  • Print it out twice on nice heavy paper. I covered mine with self-stick clear plastic film.
  • Then cut out the inner and outer circles. Punch a little hole in the center of each, and connect them together with something that will allow them to move independently. I used a little plastic screw and nut from Radio Shack, but I’m sure something exists at any stationery store, that’ll do the job.
All your friends will want one!

Anyhow, there’s plenty more info on the Circle of Fifths on Google. Let me know what you think!