Sunday Aug. 14th is Banjo Jim’s last night. Really.

Sadly, Banjo Jim's is closing...
Sadly, Banjo Jim’s is closing…
This from Ky Hote at Banjo Jim’s:
“Well we really didn’t want to go out like Kiss doing multiple Farewell tours (thanks Sam for that analogy!), but due to legal tangles, our closing date moved back to Monday, August 15th. We were helping all our booked gigs find other venues to play at, so now we’ve had some last minute friends come in this week for Special Farewell Shows!

“Even if we don’t have music scheduled, we have invited musicians to come in for impromptu sessions, so come on down and have a drink in our last days!

“If you are a musician who would like to play down here one last time, we still have spots open and we’d appreciate your energy. Please contact me at if you’d like to play.”

Banjo Jim’s Remaining Live Music Calendar:

Wednesday 8/10
  8:00pm Scot Howard with D.O.T.S. C.O.N.F.U.S.E. M.I.N.D.S
  9:30pm Cornell Bros. Washtub Band
Friday, 8/12
  10:00pm The Hippy Nuts
Saturday, 8/13
  2:30pm Open mic hosted by Wayne Kral
  7:00pm Kelley Swindall
  8:00pm The Mac McCarty Revue
Sunday, 8/12
  Blues on Sunday featuring Lizzie and the Makers, Scott Stein and more!